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Zeiss at the 2009 Shot Show

Zeiss Victory Range Finding Binocular

At the 2009 Shot Show Carl Zeiss Sport Optics introduced two premium level optical rangefinders, the Victory PRF Pocket Range Finder and the Victory RF Range Finding Binoculars. The company makes an impressive move into the laser rangefinder market for sportsmen. Both of these models are marvels of design and construction and feature advance features including ballistic compensation assistance. Additional infomation on each of these range finder products can be found at the Carl Zeiss website.

Zeiss Victory PRF “Pocket Range Finder”

Zeiss Victory PRF “Pocket Range Finder”

The long awaited Zeiss PRF Pocket Range Finder has finally made its way into store shelves and the reviews are excellent.  Carl Zeiss has made this range finder light, powerful and reasonably priced, a real trick in the sport optics industry. Here are some of the main functions: 10 to 1300 yard ranging capability Super fast illuminated display that’s easy to read in the poorest of light conditions. Highly Accurate +/- 1 yard to 600 yards and +/- 5% beyond Exclusive BIS System: Ballistic...