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Leupold Golden Ring Switch Power binocular

Now let  me start off with honesty; I’m not the first guy in the office to go around preaching about Leupold. I know that they are a huge company with a large following…I’m just not one of them. However, I just had the opportunity to test out the new Leupold Golden Ring Switch Power binocular and I was surprised. I liked it. And I don’t think that I wanted to like it. I thought that I would pick it up and just hate it from there. The binocular felt like quality...

The new Swarovision EL 42 Binoculars

How can the best possibly get any better? It’s hard to imagine getting a better binocular than the Swarovski EL series, but the new generations of Swarovski EL Swarovision 42 binoculars are even better. By using a flatter lens, the new EL 42’s will have the ability to pick up the smallest details and finest structures with sharp clarity up to the image edge. These binoculars give you very sharp peripheral focus, even the finest objects in the very edge of the binocular are very clear. This...

Zeiss Victory Compact Binocular Review

Zeiss Victory Compact Binoculars

Greetings. I wanted to talk about the Zeiss Victory compact binocular today. The Victory series is of course Zeiss’ flagship line. The compact family sports two sizes: the 8×20 and 10×25. The fully coated optics realistically boasts maximum brightness in minimum dimensions. The view is tremendous with crisp sharpness that fits in any pocket. What I really like about these compacts over their little sister line, Zeiss Conquest,  is the single hinge design. It’s asymmetrical...

Steiner 20×80 Military Binoculars

Steiner 20×80 Military Binoculars

Today I want to talk about the highly specialized Steiner Military 20×80 binocular. I got to my hands on these binoculars last Friday and was surprised at their performance. The optics are amazing; although the eye pieces have to be focused individually. The 20×80 is like the Incredible Hulk compared to other binoculars with massive lenses and a body length of 12 inches. Just like the shirtless Hulk the binos come without a case. At 20x you have to stabilize them, so they do come with...

Zeiss at the 2009 Shot Show

Zeiss Victory Range Finding Binocular

At the 2009 Shot Show Carl Zeiss Sport Optics introduced two premium level optical rangefinders, the Victory PRF Pocket Range Finder and the Victory RF Range Finding Binoculars. The company makes an impressive move into the laser rangefinder market for sportsmen. Both of these models are marvels of design and construction and feature advance features including ballistic compensation assistance. Additional infomation on each of these range finder products can be found at the Carl Zeiss website.