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Steiner HS 10×42

Are you looking for a high powered binocular that is exclusively designed for terrestrial use?

Do you want a top of the range, long distance hunting binocular that fits your hands perfectly?

Check out the most innovative binoculars for birding, the Steiner HX Binoculars. The HX series by Steiner is manufactured in Germany and makes itself perfectly suitable for a wide range adventures, such as birding and wildlife observation, and primarily focus on hunting, making it a must-have for adventurers and bird hunters.

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Steiner HS 10×42 offers you a new arsenal of optics that matches your style and quarry. It’s high-precision roof prism design, ergonomic rubber-armored polycarb frames, advanced lens coatings, and four innovative performance models let you focus on your individual adventure like never before.

Whether you’re in the dark woods or sunlit ridges, lowland bogs or high plains, Steiner HS 10×42 offers you new optical approaches and frame designs providing you brighter, clearer images, all-weather toughness, extended field of view, easier handling, bringing you more success and precision to every hunt.

Steiner Nano-Protection coats the exterior lens surfaces, repelling dirt, dust, water, snow, and fingerprints. Hybrid winged/twist-up eyecups complete the ergonomics package.This coating has hydrophobic properties at the molecular level and does not collect water on the lens, it simply forms into tiny balls and quickly roll off without leaving behind any water stains.

Additional lens coatings on Steiner HS 10×42 increase light transmission for all wavelengths. The shock resistant Makrolon polycarbonate chassis enables it to withstand an 11g impact.

Steiner HS 10×42 offers higher magnification that is ideal for viewing large birds at greater distances. You cannot afford to miss out on these Steiner Binoculars on your next adventure!

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