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Kahles K318i 3.5-18×50 – MOAK RSW

Kahles has recently released the K318i, a revolutionary new rifle scope. Its optical performance is unrivalled by other scopes due to its ultrashort construction. Because of its genuinely superb craftsmanship, the images it provides are crisp across the whole magnification range.

It boasts a novel Twist Guard windage system that complements a precise and well-defined mechanism. Kahles has made a long-term commitment to research and development of cutting-edge technology in order to make its rifle scopes more inventive and comprehensive. The intricate lens, system, unique glass, and novel etching process are all the product of extensive research and development. The K318i riflescopes provide an incredibly wide field of vision and excellent contrast pictures, setting new benchmarks for ultrashort Kahles riflescopes.

Kahles K318i 3.5-18x50 Illum MOAK RSW Turret MOA 34mm Scope 10658 | Black |  New 708026106583 | eBay

Kahles K318i 3.5-18×50 – MOAK RSW CCW – Zerostop – Right Side Windage is designed to offer accurate performance in a small physical factor, giving tactical and long-distance shooters the confidence to take even the most difficult shots in any scenario.

Kahles Rifle Scopes feature a wide magnification range, allowing you to survey the landscape for targets at low power before increasing the magnification to achieve a positive identification and take the shot. To increase precision, the partially-lighted reticle is situated on the initial focus plane, ensuring that subtensions stay correct at all magnifications, and the thin hairs are illuminated to make them easier to see in low or difficult light.

It is built to resist the rigors of hunting. It has a strong 34mm one-piece maintube composed of lightweight and sturdy aluminum that can withstand the tremendous recoil associated with long-range hunting and shooting guns.

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