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LensPen 1                                A Great Cleaning Tool

LensPen is an exceptional tool for cleaning optics. In Sport Optics clean glass is critical to success. Safe and effective, LensPen uses a cleaning tip impregnated with a unique carbon compound formulated to absorb clarity robbing oils and contaminates. No liquids or cleaning solutions are needed.  Using this system, LensPen cannot dry out and is unaffected by temperature. Each LensPen provides over 500 cleanings. The inside of the LensPen cap houses a carbon embedded foam pad that in essence recharges the LensPen tip every time these two surfaces meet. LensPen will also substantially reduce any electrostatic charge on the lens surface. This ability is important not only to clean the lens but also as a preventative measure as an electrostatic charge will attract dust and cause it to adhere to the lens. Using no solvents and creating no waste LensPen is environmentally friendly, is RoHS compliant, and meets California’s Proposition 65 standards. With its size and versatility LensPen is an essential component in any home cleaning kit or optics carrying case. LensPen also comes with a retractable brush for gently removing debris and is safe to use on all optical lenses, glass surfaces, plasma, and LCD screens.

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