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Meprolight MEPRO RDS PRO V2 ML68503

The Meprolight RDS Pro V2 red dot Green 2 MOA Dot/Bullseye Reticle is the civilian equivalent of the combat sight used by the Israel Defense Force and other elite military and law-enforcement groups across the world. This battle-tested operator is the successor to the original Mepro RDS red dot.

Meprolight MEPRO RDS PRO V2 ML68503

A Picatinny sight with an ultra-wide display window that provides excellent situational awareness, a 2 MOA red dot, 16 brightness levels for various lighting situations, pre-programmed reticle patterns: dot or bullseye in red or green, and hundreds of hours of operation time on a single AA battery. The energy is kept up by the efficient LED power, auto-shutoff, and motion sensor, so it’s available when you need it. Built as though people’s lives depended on it, because they do.

This Mepro RDS PRO V2 is a cutting-edge optic that will elevate your shooting game to new heights. These Red Dot Sights were created by Meprolight with 16 brightness settings, 12 for day and 4 for night.

The Meprolight Red Dots have an auto shut-off technology that saves electricity and allows for thousands of hours of battery life. These sights provide an outstanding field of vision, allowing you to maintain complete situational awareness in the field. Install this Meprolight MEPRO M5 Pro/RDS Pro V2 Red Dot Sight for improved sighting.

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