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Nightforce 2.5-10×32 Rifle Scope Review

Nightforce 2.5-10×32 Rifle Scope

Nightforce 2.5-10×32 Rifle Scope

Nightforce has taken a good thing and made it better. This new 32mm scope is made entirely in the US and was produced by adapting the 24mm scope that was originally designed for a special operations contract requirement. As a matter of opinion, the 24mm objective left little to be desired, but this new Nightforce Rifle Scope manages somehow to improve on an already good thing.

With an objective lens size one third larger than its predecessor, this new scope does not disappoint in its picture quality. Brightness and resolution improvements are equally impressive and are better than many comparably priced scopes having much bigger lenses. This Nightforce NXS Rifle scope’s low magnification and larger objective combine to produce an enormous eye-box that is very forgiving. This makes the scope’s target picture extremely fast to acquire when quick shots are necessary. The objective lens, still being relatively small at 32mm, gives this scope a tremendous depth of field and eliminates the need for parallax adjustment. Parallax is less than .5  MOA at all practical distances and is zero at 150 yards.

Being true to typical Nightforce scope form, this model is extremely rugged and tracks like a bloodhound. The tube body is machined from a solid piece of T6 aluminum bar stock and is two times thicker than most other manufacturers. The lenses are bedded with a mil spec bonding agent in individual aluminum housings. This unique method of production isolates the lenses from shock by eliminating metal to glass contact in the rifle scope. Lastly, this scope possesses copious amounts of internal travel. 100 minutes of elevation and windage adjustment are verified accurate to 1/8 moa throughout the entire adjustment range during the rigorous inspection process that each scope undergoes before being certified by a factory technician.

Nightforce has proven itself to be consistent in producing quality products and this scope is no exception. By improving on an existing model, it has produced an ideal lightweight scope for short and mid range use. With innovative products continuing to be produced by today’s manufacturers, one can hardly wait to see what this industry has in store for us next.

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