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Swarovski ATC 17-40×56 Telescope Burnt Orange

Swarovski is quite well for making high-quality scopes and optics, and the new ATC 17-40×56 spotting scope reflects their market-leading expertise. This lightweight and small scope, with a straightforward working body, is perfect for carrying across difficult terrain and in isolated places. The ATC 17-40×56 Spotting Scope comes in two colors: green and burnt orange.

The ATC 17-40×56 Spotting Scope’s body measures 258mm in length and weighs only 970g. The scope’s small design and tilted vision allow it to fit effortlessly into any luggage or backpack.

ATC 17-40x56 Burnt Orange Compact Spotting Scope

The body of SWAROVSKI ATC COMPACT SPOTTING SCOPES┬áhas been constructed with a unique half shell, allowing you to have full dynamic control over the focusing and zoom wheel at all times without being hampered by the scope’s body. The half-shell design also allows you to place the scope on a flat surface without using a tripod. This can significantly reduce your carry weight when travelling across tough terrain.

Swarovski is a top name in optics, so it goes without saying that they have included some of their greatest optical designs in this compact Swarovski spotting scope, allowing you to create realistic photographs with high-contrast detail.

The field flattener lenses built into the scope’s construction provide a perfectly distortion-free view right up to the edge. An new lens coating has been introduced, which contributes to the image’s great colour representation.

Pair the ATC 17-40×56 Spotting Scope with the VPA digiscoping adaptor to create stunning photographs of wildlife and nature on the fly.

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