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Swarovski BTX Binocular Spotting Scope Module

Do you want to experience and observe the intricacies of the great outdoors with clarity and comfort?

Swarovski’s revolutionary BTX spotting scope system provides you a crystal clear image with a higher level of detail recognition.

Swarovski’s innovative BTX Ocular Module serves as yet another cool option for their ATX spotting scopes. It’s visual experience goes beyond anything you’ve seen before. It is like looking through a crystal clear spotting scope, using both eyes. One look through this BTX eyepiece module, will give you an expansive sense of immersion, you will feel as if suddenly a door has been opened wide right in front of you.

When you are able to see your target using both your eyes, you perceive more detail. This ocular model makes the image appear more real, richer, more clearer and more natural. It’s also makes it very comfortable to view with both eyes. You can easily gaze the field for a long time. You do not need to squint through one eye, which completely eliminates eye fatigue. This is an excellent binocular especially if you need an extended observation of the behavior of animals or birds.

This BTX module was created as an option for the innovative ATX scope design when Swarovski first created it. ATX scope combined the prism system and the eyepiece together into one part, and the objective front lens as another part. This made ATX system more modular. Now you can use the same BTX ocular eyepiece with a 65, 85, or 95mm objective easily.

What’s great about Swarovski’s BTX Modular Eyepiece is that it flawlessly combines all the amazing features and power of binoculars and high-quality spotting scope. It uses the visual power of both eyes and create a crystal clear image . It’s ergonomic design includes an angled view, as well as, a forehead rest, providing you the most comfortable and uninterrupted viewing experience for hours.

This BTX eyepiece is compatible with a wide array of objective lenses in the ATX/STX range, offering flexible modularity in all viewing situations. When BTX us paired with any objective lens from Swarovski’s own modular scope system (65, 85, or 95mm), it gives you the comfort, pleasure and sensation of looking through binoculars with all the amazing power and reach of over 30x spotting scope. It actually magnifies at 30x with 65mm and 85mm objective lenses and magnifies to 35x with the 95mm objective lens, which makes it a truly amazing and unique scope.

For more details about the product BTX Spotting Scopes, click here.

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