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Swarovski Z5i 3.5-18×44 BT 4W-I

Do you crave for crystal-clear optics when you’re in the mountains hunting?

When you’re in the mountains on a rough terrain or having a long-range shooting on plains, don’t forget to take Swarovski Z5(i) 3.5-18×44 P (BT) riflescope with you!

Swarovski Z5i scopes offer the highest precision for when it matters most. State-of-the-art precision technology enables you to overcome the obstacles no matter what the situation is, allowing you to focus on what’s important, the shot.

Swarovski Z5i Rifle Scope


The lightweight 1-inch Z5i 3.5-18×44 P BT L rifle scope demonstrates its strengths in particular with accurate long-range shots in the mountains or on rough terrain. The ballistic turret can be separately adjusted to your personal requirements, allowing you to stay on target at different distances. Lateral parallel correction guarantees a faultless image, no matter how far away you are.

The Swarovski riflescope Z5 3.5-18×44 delivers a broad magnification range, yet it’s relatively light, compact, and reliable. The entire scope is fully water and fogproof thanks to a meticulous nitrogen-purging process. The lenses have been fully multicoated to optimize light transmission, and the external lens surfaces have been treated with a scratch-resistant SWARODUR protective coating.

Swarovski Optik Z5 Riflescope is an outstanding optical instrument neatly compacted into a 1.0″ tube. While maintaining a spectacular field of view, sharpness, and rugged construction -the Z5 delivers an experience one expects from the Swarovski name. Whether you’re an everyday hunter or going on a world-class safari, Swaronski Z5 will be your perfect companion.


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