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Swarovski’s Ballistic Turret

These days, rifles are more accurate and can shoot farther than ever before. Military sniper rifles and bench rest rifles can accurately reach ranges of 1000 yards or more on a regular basis. Most shooters can afford a sub-MOA rifle these days and in a caliber that gives good knock down potential even at greater distances. This gives modern hunters and shooters confidence to make ethical kill, and more accurate shots farther. Since there are so many rifles out there that shoot very well, you...

Leica’s New Rifle Scopes

Leica Rifle Scopes Video 2009

The long anticipated return of Leica to the rifle scope market has finally occurred. This premium sport optics leader introduced two models at the 2009 Shot Show. and they are exceptional to say the least. Leica focused on the 42mm size for its initial introduction which has been a long time favorite of sportsmen. If these two premium level rifle scopes are any indication of the future Leica is sure to care out a respectable share of the rifle scope market. These models should be available...