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Swarovski’s Ballistic Turret

These days, rifles are more accurate and can shoot farther than ever before. Military sniper rifles and bench rest rifles can accurately reach ranges of 1000 yards or more on a regular basis. Most shooters can afford a sub-MOA rifle these days and in a caliber that gives good knock down potential even at greater distances. This gives modern hunters and shooters confidence to make ethical kill, and more accurate shots farther.

Since there are so many rifles out there that shoot very well, you need a good rifle scope and shooting solution for greater distances. An easy solution for various distance shooting is what most shooters and manufactures are after. Almost every rifle scope manufacture has a solution for various distances shooting. Nikon, Leupold, Burris, Zeiss, Nightforce, Pentax, Schmidt and bender, Swarovski and many other companies have come out with one or more ways to compensate for shooting at various distances.

To explain what I mean, most of these companies’ solutions start with a busy reticle, or a custom made dial specific to one, very specific load. While these solutions are good, they aren’t absolute or perfect. The custom turrets can be a good solution for some people, and many guys like them but I’m not a fan of custom turrets. With custom turrets too many things have to stay constant, if there is even a slight variation in loaded ammunition, if you switch powders or bullets in hand loads, you have to get a new turret. This could make or break a hunt if change ammunition for any reason. The ballistic reticles are another good option. Most ballistic reticles are backed by online calculators supported by the manufacture. This can give shooters and hunters flexibility not offered by custom turrets. You can also change ammunition without any problems. These ballistic reticles are a great option. But what if you want a simple reticle, like a duplex or classic german number 4? Swarovski has a ballistic reticle, but Swarovski also has a system that I think is the easiest and most versatile to use for easy various distance.

It’s called the Swarovski Ballistic Turret system, and it’s the best system to date. Backed by a Swarovski’s ballistic calculator, the Swarovski Ballistic turret rifle scopes allow the shooter to use a simple reticle, and give the shooter the ability to engage targets at various distances. The way the system works is it allows shooters to zero the rifle, and then set up to 4 more zeros by using the calculator. Let me say it again, you only have to zero your rifle once, and then the calculator gives you the other 4 zeros. This allows you to have 5 different zeros and means you can have your cross hair dead on at a target and simply change the turret’s position to the specified colored tab. You can set your zero at any distance, and vary the distances your other zeros will represent. No busy reticle, no specific ballistic turret, just a simple reticle and solution. This system also allows you to shoot at various distances under stress, which is important if you stalking a trophy animal or in intense competition. Even under high stress it’s easy to choose the color and put the cross hair on the animal. Any shooter that uses this system will tell you how easy it is to engage targets at various distances with speed all because of this innovative system. It’s as close to perfect as a various distance shooting system can be. Check out the short video at the bottom to see the potential of this system. If you want the easiest various distance shooting system, get a rifle scope with Swarovski Ballistic turret system is the way to go. That’s the word from sportoptics.com.

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