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Swarovski’s Ballistic Turret

These days, rifles are more accurate and can shoot farther than ever before. Military sniper rifles and bench rest rifles can accurately reach ranges of 1000 yards or more on a regular basis. Most shooters can afford a sub-MOA rifle these days and in a caliber that gives good knock down potential even at greater distances. This gives modern hunters and shooters confidence to make ethical kill, and more accurate shots farther. Since there are so many rifles out there that shoot very well, you...

Swarovski Optik 2009 Shot Show

Swarovski Optik 2009 Shot Show Video

Swarovski Optik one of the worlds premier sport optics manufacturers introduces several new models to the landmark Z6 Rifle Scope product line. These Swarovski rifle scopes were the first 30mm tube models to feature a 6 X zoom magnification. Chris Wisecarver of OpticsReview.com interviews Dean Capuano of Swarovski Optik who demonstrates the new Z6i rifle scope in the 3-18×50 design. This new scope covers a full array of possible hunting situations from heavy timber to long distance bean...

Swarovski HD Spotting Scope

Swarovski HD Spotting Scope

The Swarovski ATS 80 HD Spotting Scope is a marvelous piece of optical equipment that out performs any other spotter on the market. The generous 80mm lense lets in a lot of light, which is important and the entire purpose of any optic. The HD (high definition) glass produces a sharper image with better color definition than the non-hd versions. Whether you are looking for the trophy piece or just want to snap a photo of an animal, the HD is the only way to go. Mother nature wants to fool you...