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Swarovski HD Spotting Scope

Swarovski HD Spotting Scope

Swarovski HD Spotting ScopeThe Swarovski ATS 80 HD Spotting Scope is a marvelous piece of optical equipment that out performs any other spotter on the market. The generous 80mm lense lets in a lot of light, which is important and the entire purpose of any optic. The HD (high definition) glass produces a sharper image with better color definition than the non-hd versions.

Whether you are looking for the trophy piece or just want to snap a photo of an animal, the HD is the only way to go. Mother nature wants to fool you and blend into the environment, with the HD glass and it’s color correction you are able to discern colors that would normally blend together with regular glass and get a better view of the animal in hiding.

What’s really important to know about all Swarovski Spotting Scopes is that the focus mechanism is a direct drive. This means the focus is not run by belts that can develop memories, but with solid metal parts. Basically, the focus is controlled by a peg that runs along a screw.

This simplistic, yet highly effective design is by far the best way to build a focusing system that will last for decades. The design also allows for a three inch focusing band on the barrel which uses the viewers whole hand to focus and not just his finger and thumb. What does this mean? It means that focusing the scope is easier; even with mittens on!

The scope body itself is fully protected with a rubber armor and has a built in sun shade. It is nitrogen purged to preserve the metal gears inside as well as prevent internal fogging. It comes with the famous Swarovski lifetime warranty (through authorized dealers only) and is the last scope you’ll ever need to buy. I highly recommend it.

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