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Vortex Razor UHD 10×42

Are you looking versatile binoculars for your next adventure?

Check out the brand new 10×42 Razor HD Binocular from Vortex – a smaller, lighter, brighter, and stronger optic than ever before. It is a versatile optic that is ideal for multiple applications from close to long-distance observation. Its lightweight construction and high optical performance make it an extremely desirable viewing instrument.

The binocular renders views in high contrast with accurate color through the use of high-density (HD) extra-low dispersion (ED) glass, an apochromatic lens configuration, XR Plus lens coatings, and dielectric and phase-correcting prism coatings, which raise the level of optical excellence for this roof prism binocular.

The benefits of Vortex Razor UHD Binoculars include excellence in color sharpness, coating durability, overall performance, increased resolution, color fidelity, clarity, brightness, and greater light transmission. Additional lens protection from scratches, oil, and dust is provided by the ArmorTek exterior lens coating.

Another feature that contributes to the lower weight of the new Razors is the magnesium chassis. Compared to traditional aluminum frames, magnesium offers a great combination of less weight and greater strength and durability.

Many high end optics companies are substituting magnesium for aluminum in their binocular frames. Unlike the black rubber armoring of the previous version, Razor HD binoculars are clad in a thinner, natural green armoring with gray and black accents and a knubbled texture that imparts a good, secure grip. The barrels are notably more slender, and have well-placed, shallow thumb pads on the underside.

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Vortex binoculars don’t require large hands to comfortably hold. Razor HD binoculars are 6.25 inches tall (eyecups fully extended) and 4.9 inches wide (hinge fully open). As with all high-end roof prism binoculars, Razor HDs are vacuum-sealed and purged with argon to be waterproof and internally fog proof.

Vortex Razor HD binoculars offers a combination of optical excellence, ergonomic comfort, styling and features is a great value relative to the high-end binoculars offered by many big name optics companies, which can easily cost twice as much. Place your order at Sport Optics now.

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