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Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20×56 T* FL HT LT – 60

Are you looking for a riflescope with a huge zoom range and a simple-to-use turret system offering a long range for your hunting adventures?

The brand new Zeiss Victory V8 HT riflescope is the perfect scope for hunters who demand the very best in optical excellence in all hunting situations.

Zeiss is a renowned, high-contrast optics manufacturing company that has set its own standard from the beginning. The Zeiss Victory High Transmission riflescopes series features the brightest optics in the company’s history. The bright, high-contrast images of Zeiss Victory V8 provide you with the extra few minutes you badly need on a hunt to help you get what you want.

Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20×56 features a revolutionary optical design that achieves transmission of 95% and more through the flawless interaction of SCHOTT HT glass and enhanced ZEISS T* multi-coating.

Zeiss Victory 56mm riflescope let’s you experience hunting with a whole new precision through the brightest premium optics. This cutting-edge hunting experience is the result of the unique and innovative optical design that features a combination of enhanced ZEISS T* multi-coating and extremely transparent SCHOTT HT high transmission lens elements.

It’s ergonomic follows your intuition. The control elements on Zeiss Victory V8 riflescope, such as the illuminated dot, optional bullet drop compensator or magnification changer can be quickly and comfortably and quickly. It’s smooth rubber surfaces ensure a firm grip and a pleasant touch. These ergonomic features of the riflescope are your guarantee for a perfect hunting experience.

Behind the amazing precision of Zeiss Victory V8 HT riflescope lies the ultra-fine illuminated dot and the BDC+ (ASV+) bullet drop compensator. The illuminated dot has an extremely low target subtension, whereas the BDC+ provides a more precise shot at long distances, as far as 600 m. So you can enjoy long-distance shooting the intuitive way, and all of this is possible with the innovative Zeiss technology.

With this riflescope you can keep your target clear in sight no matter how the weather is. Water will simply rolls off LotuTecĀ® tried and tested coating, which ensures clear visibility during rainfall and heavy snow. This innovative protective layer of the riflescope lets you clean off the dirt and dust very quickly and easily.

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