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Zeiss Z-Point Red Dot

Z point 1Carl Zeiss Sport Optics has really turned some heads in the tactical and recreational shooting community with their red dot scope called the  Z-Point. This innovative design was originally designed for the German military and features a body style that’s all about function and reliability, most notably it has no square edges,  no protruding leavers, and no exposed switches. Every thing is simple and smooth, a real advantage when not having your sport optic gear get caught on something is a priority.  We’ve compiled a short list of the big advantages this scope has to offer.

  • First the unit has no magnification. This allows the shooter to keep both eyes open for maximum situational awareness and fast target engagement. This is a huge advantage for close range work.
  • Without the multiple lens system needed for magnification scopes the unit is remarkably light, about 3.5 ounces, and lack of extra glass makes it extremely bright. Combine this feature with legendary Zeiss lenses and you’ve got a low light scope that’s simply hard to beat.
  • Easy on and easy off. The Z Point uses a patented quick connect  system that requires no tools for attachment or dis attachment.  Simply push in the spring loaded retaining clamp and this red dot scope is easily connected or taken off. This is a real plus for shooters wanting to quickly change their optic systems.
  • The red dot illumination  system is really impressive. First its  easy to turn on with a momentary push of a flush mount button of the side of the scope, its under the Zeiss logo.  Second, a light sensor built into the front of the unit automatically detects the ambient light available and adjusts the red dots brightness intensity to the perfect setting.  This auto brightness does have a manual override but you wont need it, the auto brightness feature works great. To turn the unit off you simply press the switch down for a moment and its off, and if you forget to turn it off, like I did, it’s no problem the unit shuts down automatically after 4 hours.
  • Here’s another really cool feature of the Z-Point. This unit combines battery power, CR 2032, with solar cell technology. This maximizes battery life by utilizing available light as the primary power source when available and dependable battery power when its not.
  • Windage and elevation adjustments are easily field adjustable with the use of an Allen wrench.
  • The Z Point has huge 56.4 foot field of view at 100 yards, and the red dot covers 3.6″ of a target at this distance.
  • Two models are available from Zeiss, one for the Picatinny mount system and one for the slightly smaller Weaver style mount system.
  • The unit is completely submersible waterproof and thus will not fog internally when going from one temperature environment to another.

We must admit that the simplicity of the units design and function is a bit disarming, but make no mistake this  Carl Zeiss scope has a bunch to offer. The range of possible applications is huge, AR-15 style guns, turkey guns, deer shot guns, you name it. The company even offers a bow hunting bracket for the Z Point. Come to think of it  I might want to give that application a try this comming October.

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