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Zero Compromise ZC527 5-27×56 FFP MPCT3

The Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 is 387mm (15.24 inches) long, weighs only 1075g (37.9oz) and reaches 35 mil in elevation adjustment and 21 mil in windage adjustment. It is in a class of its own!

Of all other optics in this magnification range, ZC527 offers a very generous field of view of 7m / 100 meters (21ft/100Yds) results in one of the widest in the industry. Outstanding light transmission and exceptional resolution are just two attributes of the best optical design ever developed, perfectly complementing the very best mechanical properties in the industry.

The new MPCT3 reticle from Zero Compromise Optic is a next-generation reticle for the modern rifle shooter.

Building on our highly sought-after MPCT line of reticles, the MPCT3 has multiple enhancements and some extremely unique and advanced design elements. Precision rifle shooters will appreciate the uncluttered center area that still allows precise shot placement and clear target observation while retaining excellent reference points for fast follow-up shots when required.

A dot-matrix design provides the shooter with both elevation and windage correction points in 0.20 Mil increments while still “feeling” uncluttered due to the minimal dot sizes. The open circle whole-mil values speed reticle visibility and discrimination while keeping target observation exceptionally high.

Zero Compromise ZC527 5-27x56 FFP - ZC527-1Zero Compromise ZC527 5-27x56 FFP - ZC527-1

Above the center aiming point are two mils worth of hold-under capability allowing an intermediate-range target to be dialed on the elevation turret, but closer range targets to still be engaged with the utmost of precision. The newly created “Fatal Funnel” concept from ZERO COMPROMISE OPTIC is positioned in the upper half of the field of view where it is out of the way, yet easily utilized. This advanced feature is designed to provide much higher capability than any other rapid reticle range finding design on the market. An industry-leading four different target sizes are quickly bracketed inside the funnel and a direct range readout given.

The Fatal Funnel is optimized for target widths of 6, 9, 12, and 18 inches and provides distances in yards. Acquiring rapid target ranges has never been faster or easier for these very common target sizes which encompass 100% IPSC, 66% IPSC, 50% IPSC, as well as any other square, rectangular, diamond, or circle shaped target with these widths. The user simply brackets a known target size either between the center line and the corresponding funnel edge, or inside the whole funnel. Once appropriately bracketed, simply read and interpolate the yardage to that target size.

Zero Compromise riflescopes deliver uncompromised performance and surpass customer’s expectations! The high quality and precision of ZCO rifle scopes will never be compromised nor sacrificed in favor of production quantity.

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