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Binocular Harness / Suspenders

When it comes to field convenience the binocular harness, some folks call them suspenders, rein supreme. This handy device allows the weight of the binocular, camera, etc. to Swarovski harness 1be distributed across the back and shoulders and not the neck. When ever our staff ventures out for a field trip these are an essential part of our gear. There are plenty of good models on the market but if the manufacturer offers one we suggest you buy that one, they often contain little design changes that are handy. For instance Swarovski offers one for their Swarovski Binoculars that includes a special retaining strap that works especially well with their models, making the binoculars easy to take on and off.  Steiner Binoculars has one with their propriety “click lock” system that’s really nice.

If you plan on spending the day in the
sport optics the field then the binocular harness accessory is highly recommended.

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