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Nightforce Rifle Scopes Overview Part I

Nightforce NXS

In the world of premium rifle scopes it’s hard to stand out, there are  simply too many great scopes on the market, but don’t tell that to the folks at Nightforce Optics. The rifle scopes made by this company are exceptional in so many ways its hard to know where to begin, but here is a listing of some of the features common to all Nightforce Rifle Scopes:

  • Fully Multi Coated Optics – Each and every Nightforce Scope receives their proprietary broadband multi coating lens coating on all air to glass surfaces. This coating is applied so to almost unimaginable tolerance of 1/4 wave deposition or .000005 inches, and it exceeds the toughest Mil Spec abrasion test making this rifle scope lens coating one of the toughest on the market/
  • Optical Indexing – Every Nightforce scope is matched and aligned by hand perfectly to its partners. This technique, called optical indexing provides the best possible optical performance and clarity. This process takes time and its expensive to do, but if your interested in building the best scope in the world you do it.  At Nightforce Optics they’ve been doing it that way from the beginning.
  • Objective Lens Perfection – The objective lens determines the resolution, light transmission and exit pupil size of every scope. To push optical performance to its limit every Nightforce objective lens assembly utilizes a multi-lens design similar to those found on the worlds finest telescopes. This lens system focuses light rays more precisely for exceptional image clarity and color accuracy.
  • Tube Strength – Nightforce scope tubes are machined from solid bar stock 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy. These tubes are not extruded or formed like those found on lesser scopes. They are two to three times thicker than other riflescopes. This means less overall stress, greater thermal stability and a consistant zero even in the most punishing situations. The Nightforce NXS rifle scopes take this performace to the extreame as they are know and the most durable and rugged scopes in existance.

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