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Nightforce NXS and Benchrest Comparisons

Nightforce NXS

Nightforce NXSWe are often asked what the difference between the Nightforce NXS Rifle Scopes and the Nightforce Benchrest Rifle Scopes are. Here is a response we got from our good friend Nathan Hunt, formerly of Nightforce Optics, on the subject:

“Both models are inspected individually for resolution, tracking accuracy, and point of impact shift after being subjected to a battery of impacts: side impacts from the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o clock positions on the objective bell (this includes the adjustable objective BR models), and forward and reverse impacts to simulate various types of recoil. Although they endure the same quality control checks both scopes were designed from the ground up for different and specific purposes. The NXS is a dedicated design for the tactical marksman and the BR is a dedicated design for the Benchrest shooter.

1. The NXS scope has quarter minute clicks while the Benchrest scope has eighth minute clicks.
– A quarter minute click is a good compromise between precision at distance and not having to count too many clicks to get on target. A quarter Minute Click will yield a click value of roughly 2.5” at 1000 yards. This is great for tactical use but the target shooter may want a finer adjustment to get impacts as close to center as possible.
– The BR Series of scopes has adjustments with eighth minute graduations. This yields a click value of roughly 1.25” at 1000 yards. This allows a shooter to take advantage of all of his rifles practical accuracy.

2. The Nightforce NXS scope has a side parallax adjustment and the BR has an AO(Adjustable Objective).
– A side parallax adjustment allows a shooter to eliminate parallax with a minimal amount of movement required. This configuration is safer for military marksmen and faster and more comfortable for competitive shooters engaging targets at varying distances.
– An AO allows less lens elements to be used in the optical design. This provides a scope that is less expensive to produce and has less air to glass surfaces inside that reflect or absorb available light.

3. The NXS has an internal rheostat and the BR has an externally adjustable rheostat for illuminating the reticles.
– The internal rheostat in the NXS is impossible to inadvertently activate at maximum intensity, giving away a soldiers position. It comes adjusted from the factory for low light conditions, but is end user adjustable by turning a small screw under the battery.
– The external rheostat on the BR allows the shooter to choose the level of illumination appropriate to the conditions instantly by turning an adjustment located on the scope’s ocular bell.

4. The NXS has exposed windage and elevation adjustments and the BR has capped windage and elevation adjustments.
– The NXS has exposed turrets for fast adjustments in the field.
– The backlash clearance in a Nightforce Rifle Scope is less than 1/30th the thickness of a human hair, but the use of capped windage and elevation adjustments on the BR series eliminates that entirely.

5. The NXS has a lock-ring adjustable eyepiece and the BR has a fast focus eye piece; for reticle clarity and definition.
– Once adjusted, the diopter adjustment on the NXS is protected by a lock ring preventing it from being out of focus when the operator needs it the most.
– The fast focus eyepiece on the BR allows the competitive marksman to have the sharpest reticle image possible with a quick and easy adjustment.

6. The NXS’s eyepiece rotates with the zoom ring while the BR’s eyepiece is fixed.
– The rotating eyepiece on the NXS allows a shooter to turn the entire ocular bell to obtain the desired magnification. Adjusting a small zoom ring is a fine motor skill and can be difficult under stress. The rotating eyepiece also allows for a scope body that is more rigid.
– The zoom ring on the Nightforce BR allows the use of the fast focus eyepiece and typical “flip up” lens covers. ”
To the best of our knowledge this is the best explanation you will find on the main differences between these two Nightforce Scopes. We hope this information will be helpful to you.

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