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The new Swarovision EL 42 Binoculars

How can the best possibly get any better? It’s hard to imagine getting a better binocular than the Swarovski EL series, but the new generations of Swarovski EL Swarovision 42 binoculars are even better. By using a flatter lens, the new EL 42’s will have the ability to pick up the smallest details and finest structures with sharp clarity up to the image edge. These binoculars give you very sharp peripheral focus, even the finest objects in the very edge of the binocular are very clear. This sharp focus will allow you to focus and identify objects at lightning speed. These binoculars also sport high definition fluoride lenses that aid in contrast and peripheral resolution. This technology eliminates annoying color-fringing allowing the user new insights into nature’s world of shapes and colors. Another great feature is large eye relief, perfect for eyeglass wearers allowing them to enjoy the edge sharpness. The eye cups have 3 stage adjustments to suit everyone, also allowing for comfortable use. Like previous models, the new EL 42’s have Swarovski’s superb lens coatings, Swarodur,Swarobright, and Swarotop. These coatings allow for lifelike color reproduction and outstanding brightness even in lower light conditions. They also come complete with Swaroclean coatings on the outer lenses, making care of the outer lens easy to clean and repel dirt, water, insect repellents and tree sap. The EL 42’s have a new focusing mechanism that is smooth and tolerance free making the EL 42 comfortable and precise for all around observation. They have a close range of 5 feet, so the EL can become a magnifying glass for macro observation of insects and other fine objects at close range. The new focusing mechanism enables correction of vision at least 6 diopters to accommodate for near or far sidedness. It also offers plus or minus 5 diopters to accommodate for different visual acuity in each eye.  This gives you maximum adjustment for individual visual acuity when used without glasses. Lastly the new EL 42 has the time tested fully functional wrap around but with some new improvements. The grip and focusing mechanism are designed so that the binoculars can be held and operated securely even with one hand wearing gloves. All load bearing parts are made of strong yet light weight material and high quality alloys for maximum ruggedness and stability.  The new design, alloy, and magnesium housing gives the new Swarovski EL Swarovision 8.5×42 an impressive weight of 28 ounces. To summarize, the advantages are: you are getting 6 lens objectives with excellent light gathering qualities, sharper quality in the periphery, flatter lens for sharp detail, proven lens coatings to improve vision in low light conditions and coatings to help keep your lens clean.  Also included is fast and precise focus, great macro observation, removable eyecups with various adjustment stages, and rugged yet light magnesium housing. Next, a new mechanism that allows easy yet precise focusing.  Finally the EL 42 is airtight, dustproof, and watertight to 13 feet.  The design is functional, fast and easy even when using one hand. I could go on about these binoculars, but I’ll just stop here and say I cannot wait to get my hands on some. They will be available spring 2010 in Swarovski EL Swarovision 8.5×42 and Swarovski EL Swarovision 10×42 and the suggested retail price is 2,479.00$ on the 10×42 and 2339.00$ on the 8.5×42. That’s the word from sportoptics.com.

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