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Burris Eliminator II Laser Rifle Scope 4-16×50 RCS

Are you looking for the most innovative and efficient hunting rifle scope?

Check out Eliminator III Laser Rifle Scope that combines outstanding optics, pinpoints laser rangefinding, and offer precision trajectory compensation that perfectly adjusts to the ammunition you use for the hunt. It is specifically designed by specialists at Burris using split-second automatic trajectory compensation technology that provides shooters with an invaluable ability to place ethical shots on target in just a few seconds.

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Burris 4-16x III is described as the Eliminator Weapon Laser-Scope that allows the shooter an accurate method to easily compensate for wind. The parallax adjustment feature works from 50 yards to infinity, allowing the shooter to easily track targets from extremely far distances. It comes with a sophisticated X96 Reticle Technology that empowers the hunter with exceptional accuracy, more range and windage compensation.

What makes Burris Eliminator III Laser Scope 4-16×50 RCS stand out from other laser scope is the phenomenal combination of quality, technology, accuracy, speed and effectiveness it offers. It completely eliminates guesswork and most of the variables that hinders hunters from achieving their target too often. Eliminator III first enables the hunter to determine the distance to the target, factors in his trajectory and then illuminates the perfect holdover. It can significantly extend the range and accuracy of any rifle and enable the hunter to take an ethical shot.

It also have ergonomic activation buttons, preventing any fumbling that may occur while changing the settings or activating the scope. If you are an extreme range shooting enthusiast, this Laser Scope will offer you acute accuracy. Burris Rifle Scopes are constructed using split-second automatic trajectory compensation technology that has provided shooters with the invaluable ability to place ethical shots on target within seconds.

Burris Eliminator 3 Extreme Range Tactical Scope comes with remote cable and enhanced software that provides hunters with enhanced extreme range ballistic programming. It features automatic trajectory compensation, range compensation, windage compensation and ergonomic activation buttons.

What’s great about Burris products is that it will repair or replace your optic if it ever gets damaged. Every single product by Burris is backed by this guarantee, which includes repair and replacement of glass, coatings, electronics, scope tubes, and everything in between. The warranty of any Burris product is automatically transferred to future owners.

So get out there and shoot with confidence, because you’re covered by the Burris Forever Warranty.

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