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Burris Veracity 3-15 Rifle Scope

Looking for a rifle scope that offers 100% accuracy and exactness?

Check out Burris Veracity 3-15 Rifle Scope, the first ever plane ballistic E1 illuminated reticle. If you want accuracy, that’s exactly what this innovative scope delivers.

Veracity rifle scope combines proven Burris engineering techniques with state-of-the-art refinements to help you capture prairie predators and ace all types of dangerous games. It is specifically designed for professional big game and varmint hunters.

The Ballistic Plex E1 FFP reticle features a trajectory-compensating technology and cascading dots for wind drift compensation when it is used in a big game hunting cartridge.

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The Burris rifle scopes feature a new five times zoom system that yields a wide field of view and powerful ranging capabilities. The front focal plane reticles enable shooters to accurately compute distances at any magnification, while giving trajectory and windage reference points. It’s accurate ¼ MOA adjustments allow shooters to fine-tune their shot and it’s adjustable parallax allows instant adjust while maintaining shooting position.

What makes Burris Veracity rifle scopes the best in the market is it’s new size for hunting scopes. 3-15x is a size that is very popular in tactical shooting for years, because it provides shooters great combination of low end width-of-field and extreme magnification at the upper end.

Veracity 3-15x features Burris M.A.D. Knob System that gives you several options on your turrets. You can easily swap for uncapped tactical style to allow quick dialing-in for more accuracy, or work with Burris on a custom etched turret that matches your situation exactly.

The Burris Veracity rifle scope is backed by the Burris Forever Warranty, providing you a lifetime guarantee of true performance.

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