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Zeiss Conquest Gavia Spotting Scope

Looking for a compact, well-designed companion for your next expedition?

Check out the brand new spotting scope from ZEISS. Conquest Gavia 85 spotting scope offers an angled view and it is specially designed to meet the needs of wildlife photographers and enthusiastic nature observers. It has a very compact design and comparatively less in weight as compared to other spotting scopes in the market.

ZEISS Gavia has a large 85 mm lens diameter that is ideal for any expedition anywhere in the world. It’s high optical performance and incredible brightness delivers magnificent outcome even in remote locations.

Zeiss Gavia 85 Angled Spotting Scope has a 60x magnification and provides a wide-angle field of view, which is great for tricky identification tasks, with its highly detailed image rendition can clearly observe the landscape from a great distance. You can also observe smaller objects by switching on the close near-focus setting, and watch butterflies and songbirds or butterflies by standing miles away.

What makes ZEISS spotting scopes better than its competitors is it’s intuitive and dynamic focusing mechanism that enables fast and smooth focusing during observation.With the brand new ZEISS Conquest Gavia 85, birdwatchers and nature observers can receive a high-performance spotting scope they have never experienced before.


It also allows you to work with extensive digiscoping accessories that further expand it’s wide range of uses, and it is very easy to connect an astronomical eyepiece. The best thing about this spotting scope is that it is easy to use and observers can quickly and set the particular magnification and field of view to match their needs without goings through a detail manual.

Make incredible discoveries with ZEISS Conquest Gavia 85 today!

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