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Leica RangeMaster CRF 2400-R

Want to measure your targets with perfect accuracy?

Brace yourself for the brand new, powerful and versatile Leica 7×24 Rangemaster CRF 2400-R Laser Rangefinder. Archers will fall in love with the precision of decimal readings under 200 yards, and long-distance shooters will find it hard to resist its amazing maximum scan mode that takes a new measurement every half second.

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Leica CRF Rangemasters have been an essential aid for field sportsmen for many years now. They combine high-quality optics with durable mechanics and complex electronics in an extremely compact design. Leica Rangemaster rangefinders always meet precise parameter determination standards – anytime and anywhere.

Leica Compact Rangefinders support every hunter and provide answers to his essential questions. In a record-breaking time of 0.3 seconds, Rangemasters determine all the important parameters with maximum precision and ensure the necessary safety for accurate shots. Thanks to their compact form, Leica rangefinders fit easily into any pocket.

The Leica Rangemaster CRF 2400-R allows distance determination of up to 2,400 yards (2,200 meters). It determines precisely both the linear distance and the equivalent horizontal range. In addition, the wide field of view allows fast target identification even at long distances.

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Leica Rangefinder features a new LED display for even better readability of the scanned distance and ballistic data. At the same time, the CRF 2400-R features intuitive handling and is perfect for anyone attaching great importance to reliable measuring results in difficult terrain.

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