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Meprolight MEPRO MX3F-X3 ML80144

The MEPRO MX3-F is a reflex sight magnifier with a side flip adaptor built in. Meprolight provides 3X magnification to improve the precision and efficacy of Microlight’s reflex/red dot sights (MEPRO M21, MEPRO MOR, MEPRO RDS) and other optical sights without requiring the sights to be re-zeroed.

The MEPRO MX3-F X3 is a magnifier that can be mounted to the Picatinny rail directly behind a reflex sight. When not in use, the MEPRO MX3-F includes an inbuilt Flip Mount that allows it to be shifted to the side. When not in use, the MEPRO 3x Magnifier may be set to ride on either the right or left side of the weapon and will not interfere with the weapon’s operating system. Simply flip it into engagement mode for longer-range shots without having to re-zero your gun.

Meprolight MEPRO MX3F-X3 ML80144

Flip this Meprolight 3x27mm MX3-F Magnifier into position to instantly magnify the vision from your red dot-type sight and expand its effective range, drawing in details for better target acquisition at greater ranges. The magnifier attaches to the back of your unmagnified reflex or NV scope and delivers 3x magnification with a broad 27mm objective lens and a spacious 7.5° field of vision. The anodized aluminum housing has an IPX7 certification, making it waterproof and submersible for up to 3.3′ for up to 1 hour. This version of the MX3 has a push-button flip-to-the-side mechanism that can be adjusted for left- or right-side carry and keeps it out of the way when not in use.

A simple push of the release button allows the Meprolight Magnifier to be moved to the side. With an integrated quick release mount, the MX3 mounts to Picatinny rails, and elevation and windage settings allow you to zero it to your primary optic.

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