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Meprolight MEPRO M21 ML62641

The Meprolight MEPRO M21 sight is a reflex sight with fiber-optic lighting during the day and Meprolight tritium illumination at night; no batteries are required. The MEPRO M21’s battle-tested build and sturdy design provide dependability even under adverse environmental conditions. The big 30mm window display allows shooters to acquire targets quickly while keeping both eyes open. It includes a Picatinny rail adaptor.

Meprolight MEPRO M21 ML62641

MEPRO 21 has a big 30mm diameter lens that enables for quick target acquisition while keeping both eyes open. This was the world’s first reflex sight built for close quarter fighting, and it may be purchased with a variety of reticles, including dot, triangle, open-x, and bullseye. During the day, a fibre optic collector system illuminates the targeting point, and at night, a small self-powered tritium light source illuminates it. To provide good contrast between the targeting dot and the target region, the transition between the two systems is fast and automated.

The MEPRO 21 reflex sight allows users to acquire targets accurately at any range and in any scenario while keeping both eyes open.

The Meprolight Red Dots require no power and is trusted by law enforcement and armies all over the world. The M21 lights targets with a fibre optic collector system during the day and a small self-powered tritium light source in the dark, making it ideal for any contemporary rifle in an urban or field situation. Because of the huge 30mm x1 display glass, the shooter may keep both eyes open for improved combat situational awareness. A triangle reticle is included on this Meprolight M21. The Mepro M21 is constantly turned on and ready.

The MEPRO M21 is the best option. Designed and built to the highest military requirements for years of dependable performance in all operational circumstances. The sight is constantly ready for action since there are no switches, batteries, or other external sources of power.

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