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Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56 F1 – Mil-XT

Designed for military, law enforcement, tactical professionals, and those that want the biggest, most efficient, tactical optic on the market, the Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56 Mil-XT has everything you would expect from a company like Nightforce. Making no compromise for size or weight, the ATACR targets one thing: raw optical performance. With a massive 100 MOA of elevation adjustment, this high-performance optic is designed entirely around long-range shooting. With a suitable caliber and rifle, pushing out to a mile and more is certainly possible.


Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 Mil-XT Rifle Scope

This is your go-to riflescope when you need extra magnification. The ATACR riflescope 7-35×56 pushes the limit even further, delivering bright and crisp images at extreme zoom levels of up to 35x, pushing the limits of even the most cutting edge modern long-range cartridges.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s precision rifle competitor, the Nightforce riflescope MIL-XT™ reticle allows for fast and accurate shots on target. The MIL-XT™ has a simple center dot for a fine aiming point at the center, while the main lines feature .2 Mil-Radian holds. Each whole Mil-Radian is numbered for fast reference under even stressful conditions.

Below center, whole Mil-Radian intersections feature a floating dot. Dots are placed at .2 Mil-Radian increments, while whole Mil-Radians are increased in size for fast counting. Additional marks are placed at half Mil-Radian increments as well. Numbers below center alternate in size for easy counting and verification of appropriate hold points. This reticle was designed for the competitive and field shooter and is certain to give a competitive edge to anyone who uses it.

The Nightforce ATACR™ series of riflescopes has been proven across the world to be the best riflescopes money can buy. The ATACR™ 7-35 x 56 F1 brings this proven performance to an entirely new level that helps shooters to meet and exceed the limits of their precision rifle system.

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