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Riton X7 Conquer 3-24×56

The X7 Conquer 3-24×56 features Riton HD/ED glass with a First Focal Plane (FFP), illuminated reticle allowing for maximum clarity and accurate ranging at all magnification levels. With an integrated throw lever, 34mm tube, and advanced zero stop turrets.


Riton X7 Conquer 3-24x56 Rifle Scope - Riton X7 Rifle Scopes on Sale 7C324LFI - Sport Optics

The X7 Conquer 3-24×56 is sure to be your “go-to” precision optic helping you conquer the distance.

The reticle in your Riton riflescope is first focal plane (FFP) and is located in front of the image erecting and magnifying lenses. With the reticle in this position, the reticle is magnified along with the viewing image. The advantage of this type of reticle is the size of the reticle stays the same size in relationship to the size of the target. This allows for all subtensions on the reticle to be the same at any power.

The Riton X7 3-24×56 is equipped with the Riton Illuminated ODEN reticle.  The Riton fast-focus eyepiece is designed to quickly and easily adjust the focus on the riflescope’s reticle. The variable intensity reticle illumination system aids in low light situations. Your Riton riflescope is pre-set from the factory with the reticle in the center of the adjustment ranges. When mounting your Riton riflescope always use high-quality rings or mount that match your optic’s main tube diameter.

Riton believes in providing you with the best possible service including the industry’s best warranty.

No proof of purchase or registration required for your Riton products.

Lifetime warranty regardless of the original purchaser.

The quality of products makes this the best warranty you’ll likely never have to use; however, as hunters and outdoorsmen, and women, we know that bad things sometimes happen to even the most cautious.

Riton’s X7 Conquer 3-24×56 riflescope is the best new versatile riflescope for hunting, target shooting, and even personal defense. What are you waiting for? Order your Riton riflescope at Sport Optics today.

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  • I have a Mesa Long Range chambered in .308 Win. I finished the bore break-in, and shot a .75″ group about one click left of center. Pleased me greatly. I’m ready to shoot farther than 100 yds, but what I don’t understand is how to use the dots and lines on the reticle, mainly for elevation. The 7 Conquer 3-24X56 is a fine scope on a fine rifle. How do I use it? Thanks!

  • @Gary,
    100m through to 900m with the same ammunition preferably match grade and the same grain.
    Have a notebook ready.
    I suggest snipping the reticle and pasting that into a page where you can put a number of them.
    Mark 100m at dead centre.
    Then, mark 200m, 300m, 400m, and 500m.
    Do this on a day that is not windy.
    This is how to understand how to use this reticle. Practice.
    Change ammunition? Then, run through that practice again. Take time to make sure the shot is done right. Use that Lizard Brain. 😉

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