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Steiner Safari 8×42

Are you a sports enthusiast, a traveler, or a birdwatcher looking for binoculars with razor-sharp images?

Check out the brand new Steiner Safari 8 x 42, power-packed binoculars combining featherlight weight, high performance, small size, and razor-sharp images into a single, well-armored tool.

Safari 8x42 | Nature/Travel Binoculars | Steiner Optics

Every traveler, sports enthusiast, and active participant in anything needs a good pair of binoculars to see, understand, and enjoy more. The Safari Binoculars’ image clarity, accurate color, low-light capability, and field-proven toughness ensure maximum performance from your optics – and more pleasure from your pursuit of adventure. It’s 8x magnification shows you more detail from farther away, perfect for sports events and wildlife observation. This Focus Camera bundle is a perfect add-on to your traveling essentials.

Safari Binoculars have an ergonomic design with rubber armored protruding controls providing comfortable and silent observations with effective sound absorption. It’s high-Contrast-Optics provide bright, brilliant views, accurate color, and clear images with high contour sharpness for exceptional performance up to close range of 2m. Their Cylindrical Rotation Eyecups are made of soft, skin-friendly, and non-aging silicone.

Steiner Binoculars‘ slim bridge design offers a stable platform for the internal focusing mechanism that is controlled by a slim low-profile focusing knob. Their lightweight and impact-resistant Makrolon polycarbonate chassis are wrapped in oil, petroleum, and chemical-resistant NBR synthetic rubber armor that offers improved grip security, especially in cold and wet weather; and, the optical tubes are O-ring sealed to keep rain, snow, and mist out. To help minimize fatigue and eliminate vibrations and shake the Safari is tripod mountable with an optional adapter.

For those who want to make detailed observations at close range, Safari’s short minimum focus distance allows viewing nearby birds, bugs, flora, and fauna to be comfortable and easy.

Get ready for your next adventure by placing your order for Steiner Safari 8×42 at Sport Optics today!

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