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Talley Lightweight Alloy Scope Mounts

Talley Lightweight Alloy Scope Mount is uniquely fashioned as a one-piece construction. It has a rigid design having no joint between the scope and the rifle. This Talley Lightweight unitized design eliminates the possibility of an “out of alignment” interface or “loose connection” between the ring and base of traditional two-piece designs.

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It’s unique design provides more strength and durability than rival steel rings and bases but doing it with a lighter overall weight. By extruding the 7000 series alloy known for its durability and then precision CNC machining the mount to its final design this mount provides you with the strongest, lightest mount system on the market.

For over forty years, Talley Manufacturing has set a standard for superior quality in the United States firearms industry. The company’s willingness to adopt cutting-edge technology in the state-of-the-art facility, allows them to continue the quality that the company name represents.

Talley Manufacturing places the customer first, with the highest priority given to the end user’s need. Knowledgeable staff work diligently to answer customer queries on copes and how they are mounted. Talley’s excellence does not end with the manufacturing of precision products, its their after sales service that make Talley Manufacturing stand out from its competitors.

This unitized construction of Talley Scope Mount provides unrivaled strength and durability and doing it with a lighter overall weight. Order yours today!

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