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Swarovski PBC – Personalized Ballistic Cam

Do you ever feel like having ballistic data for your Ballistic Turret to do a successful hunt?

With SWAROVSKI PBC, you have an accurate ballistic calculator at your fingertips.

SWAROVSKI PBC helps you identify the individual aiming points for your long-range reticle and makes it easy for you to calculate the required correction values for your desired zero range distances for your BT ballistic turret.

All you need to do is enter your data in the ballistic program to configure your PBC personalized ballistic cam for Z6(i), Z5 and Z3 rifle scopes, your PXC personalized extreme cam for X5(i) rifle scopes and your PBR personalized ballistic ring for Z8i rifle scopes.

Your bullet specifications will be automatically loaded when you choose your rifle scope type and your specific ammunition out of a broad list with all popular bullets. That’s not all, it will also show you detailed information about your reticle and shooting distances. Once you added all the data you receive detailed information about the individual aiming points for your reticle and about the number of clicks for your Ballistic Turret.

SWAROVSKI PBC is an additional, custom-made ballistic cam for Z6(i), Z5, Z3 and X5(i) rifle scopes and a ballistic ring for Z8i rifle scopes that are equipped with the ballistic turret. The personalized ballistic cam and ring make shooting simpler and more reliable.

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Swarovski riflescope accessories are intelligently designed and perfectly tailored to every device, guaranteeing protection and functionality during hunting. PBC personalized ballistic cam enables shooters to take an accurate long-range shot every time. Having the right equipment, combined with practiced techniques that inspire confidence will help ensure your success.

The innovative and precise approach that Swarovski PBC offers makes it stand out from its competitors. Order yours today!

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