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Vortex Viper HD 3000 LRF

With a maximum range of 3000 yards and a beautiful HD optical system that allows you to target big game faster at distance, the Vortex 7×25 Viper HD 3000 Laser Rangefinder offers hunters the tools they need to act swiftly and confidently. Four target settings (Normal, First, Last, ELR) and two ranging modes (LOS, HCD) allow you to range a shot on any hunt, making the Viper HD 3000 ideal for the tree stand and the mountains.

Vortex Viper HD 3000 Laser Rangefinder - Optics Info

The aluminum chassis with rubber armoring on Vortex Rangefinders allows for a long-lasting optic with a sturdy grip. The rangefinder weighs 258 g and is tripod compatible, allowing for even superior ranging performance while eliminating hand shaking. The eyecups are twist-adjustable, which is always a bonus, and the device’s general design passes with flying colors. The two buttons (menu and measure) are also readily available.

These compact rangefinders have an HD optical system with a magnification of 7x. The red OLED display is backlit for usage in low-light conditions. The greatest feasible ranging distance for reflecting targets is 2743 m, whereas for less reflective targets, such as deer, it is 1829 m. Vortex displays the distance in yards, but the user may choose meters from the menu. Holding the measure button activates scan mode, which allows for continuous measuring while scanning the area in real time.

The Viper HD 3000 can identify reflective objects from up to 3000 yards (2743 metres) away. So what are you waiting for? Order you Vortex Rangefinder at Sport Optics today!

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