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Are you looking for a super flexible clip-on thermal scope? You’ve come to the right place.

Recon 3 by Fusion Thermal is exactly what you need. The Recon 3 is supercharged with Arclight Ultra HD Geranium Lens and WAVE Thermal Sensor, ensuring optimal performance. Perfect for experienced and professional hunters looking for a clip-on thermal scope with serious power.

It is a multi-use thermal optic providing you with maximum flexibility. Recon 3 thermal scope comes with two different kinds of eyepieces. One is the Human Eyepiece that allows the Recon 3 to be used as a handheld monocular. The second one is called Clip-on Eyepiece that converts your Recon 3 into a thermal clip-on which effectively turns your day scope into a thermal hunting machine.

Fusion Thermal Recon 3 - USB Port

All you need is the right adapter to connect the Fusion Thermal Recon 3 to your scope, readily available at Fusion Thermal. Recon 3 is intelligently designed to quickly clip onto your existing day scope offering you convenience on the go. Instead of constantly switching between your day scope and thermal scope, you keep your day scope on the rifle and attach the thermal clip-on only when you need to see through bushes, smoke, dust, or some other obstruction.

All experienced thermal users know that the real power of thermal is what it can do for you when it’s in your hand. It is perfect for scouting, for finding wounded or dead game, great for use during pre-dawn walks to stand without spooking anything, to find your lost dog, friend or wife, your boat. It can also be used for home security.

What are you waiting for? Order this power-packed clip-on thermal scope at Sport Optics today!

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