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Steiner BluHorizons 10×26

Want all the action without a glimmer of glare?

Check out the brand new Steiner BluHorizons 10×26 binoculars! The ideal choice for those looking for compact and lightweight binoculars that will fit in your pocket or purse, for instant accessibility in the field, on the beach, or in the stadium. Take it with you where ever you go!

BluHorizons 10x26 | Steiner Optics

10x AutoBright™ magnification eliminates glare, evaporates distance, and amps the fun of whatever you’re doing. This adaptive lens technology cuts through the glare to capture every detail. No shimmer or glare from water, sand, snow, or sky. No squinting, guessing, or eye strain. Just a perfect image. At just 10.6 ounces, you can take it everywhere. With powerful 10x magnification, you’re close to the action anywhere.

Steiner BluHorizons binoculars use roof prisms and sport the double hinge design that allows for a much more compact shape when folded down. Another major advantage of the double hinge is that it permits you to have a much narrower IPD (Inter-Pupillary Distance) setting than which is possible on most other designs.

Steiner BluHorizons 10×26 binoculars are rainproof with a protection rating of IPX4 this means that they are protected from spray or splashing of water in any direction for at least 5 minutes. Steiner binoculars sport the distinctive eye shield-shaped eye-cups that are almost a Steiner trademark. To change the amount of eye-relief to compensate for the space taken up by wearing glasses, you can simply fold down these cups. The eyecups are made from skin-friendly silicone which increases the wearing comfort and also protects you from incoming light and draughts. The Steiner BluHorizons come with a practical carrier bag which you can use to store the binoculars.

What are you waiting for? Order your Steiner BluHorizons 10×26 Binoculars at Sport Optics today!

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